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BUSINESS credit Card

Do You Need a Business Credit Card?

For short-term debts, small business credit cards may be a good option.

  • A small business credit card allows you to separate your personal and business expenses.
  • For business expenses, only use your company credit card.
  • Find a credit card issuer who offers benefits for small businesses if you choose to apply for a business credit card.
  • This article was written for small business owners who are considering opening a credit account for their company.

In the initial years of their business, small business owners must be careful about managing cash flow and keeping track of their finances. A small business credit card is a great way to buy the essential products and services your business requires without having to delay critical payments to other vendors.

There are pros and cons to using a small business credit line. Before deciding whether it is right for you, it is important to weigh both.

BuSiness Credit card

Are Business Credit Cards a Good Idea?

Although it is not recommended for small-business owners to use credit cards, a business card should be kept separate from your personal credit cards. It is difficult to manage your business expenses when you are tax time, or if you are audited by IRS.

Separating personal and business cards allows you to access quarterly and annual statements from your credit card company. These statements help you track expenses and break down expenses into categories.

You should also know how to use a business card. While a card may be useful for short-term debts such as a mortgage or large purchases, it should not be used to finance long-term financial needs.


BUSINESS Credit card

Business Credit Card Options

Small business credit cards are offered by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Chase and American Express. These are just a few of the options that you might come across when researching your business credit card options.

Other benefits include airline miles, cash back and other cashback

Business credit cards often offer a variety of benefits, including cash back, airline miles and gas rebates. Rewards points can also be used to save on business supplies.

Interest rates

New cards often come with low- or even 0% interest rates from credit card companies. You have a limited time opportunity to finance your business with no-interest credit cards.

In some cases, however, if you miss a payment deadline or fail to pay the entire balance before the promotional period ends, there may be hefty interest charges on the balance.

Tyson said that small business owners should be aware of what they are getting into when they apply for a business credit card.

He advised that you compare the different cards and understand their interest rates.

Annual fees

You may choose to accept a credit card that charges an annual fee from one issuer and not another. The company that charges an annual fees may offer you more rewards points opportunities. While some credit card companies offer small business credit cards that have high foreign transaction fees (some may charge a higher rate), others may offer different fees. This is an important point to consider if you are a regular supplier of foreign goods.

Chase Ultimate Rewards is a benefit offered by some companies like Chase. Capital One’s line Spark business credit cards offer options for cash back rewards and airline miles. These perks could be beneficial to your small business. Do you see significant differences in transaction fees among credit card companies? Are you interested in employee cards? These are all important considerations to make when you decide whether or not to apply for a small business credit line.

The key takeaway: Small business credit cards are offered by many financial institutions and companies with various benefits, fees and interest rates.

BUSINESS Credit card

Pros and Cons of Getting a Business Credit Card

The pros and cons of a business credit cards

Small business owners might be reluctant to apply for a credit card. Why spend money that you don’t own? Small business credit cards can still be useful if used strategically. These are the three benefits that business credit cards provide:

They keep their personal and business expenses separate.

Separating business and personal expenses can help you file your taxes much easier. Getting a business credit card will make the process even simpler.

Small businesses should at least have one small business credit card. First, and most importantly, keep your personal and business expenses separate. You’ll make it easier for your bookkeeper or you to reconcile your business expenses by having one or more cards that are exclusively used for your business.

The business credit card allows for short-term spending flexibility.

Business cards are a great way to get cash when you don’t have the money to pay your bills or cover unexpected expenses. It’s important not to treat credit cards as if they were free money, or as a way to spend more than you have or expect.

These perks and rewards are not available to consumers.

Many credit card companies offer small businesses incredible rewards packages. These benefits may be attractive, especially if your personal card is used to make business purchases. You can earn bonus points by using your business credit card to make other purchases.

Many business credit cards offer cash-back or point rewards to their customers. These points or cash-back rewards can be significant if you plan on charging a large amount each month to your card. The ability to earn extra income through cash back or points is important for small businesses because every penny counts.

Cash-back programs may be offered by some credit card companies as a reward. There are many bonus programs available. It is important that you choose the one that best suits your business. Look for credit cards with travel rewards points if you are looking to reap the benefits of travel rewards. Companies with cash-back programs are a good choice for your business.

The key takeaway: A small-business credit card can be used to fund short-term purchases and provide perks such as airline miles and cash back. It also allows you to keep your personal and professional expenses separate.

Pros and cons of obtaining a business credit line

It can be difficult to manage business credit cards. There are three main concerns about business credit cards:

Too many cards can lead to overextension.

It is risky to use multiple cards to pay your company’s bills or suppliers. Only use one card. You can manage your finances more effectively and keep track of your credit score by only using one credit card.

It may be a good idea to give cards to employees depending on how big your company is. If your company has 50 employees, having two to three cards for different expenses will not be costly. However, it is important that your workers only use the cards for small purchases and responsibly. You should still review their monthly statements to make sure they are responsibly using the card.

You can spend more than you have the means to.

It is not recommended to use small business credit cards to fund your business. It is safer to finance your business with loans from outside investors.

You should not use your business credit card for risky purchases. You may be charged interest and other fees if you are unable to repay the balance. This will increase your debt.

The main drawback of small business credit cards, as with personal credit cards is the possibility of incurring interest if you have a balance. It’s important to note that small business credit cards usually require a personal guarantee. This means that your credit report will include the payment history of the account. While this can be good or bad, it is important to understand that your personal credit will be linked to your ability to repay the debt.

It could be used for personal expenses.

It is important that your business credit card only be used for business expenses. This distinction is crucial legally, ethically, and financially.

The main benefit of a small-business credit card is that it can be used to separate your personal and business finances. However, if you carry a small business creditcard with you every day, you risk accidentally tying up your finances by using a corporate account for personal expenses. This can not only impact your liability but also cause tax headaches.


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