business microloans

BUSINESS microloans

Business Microloans

Business microloans, which are loans of $50,000 or less, can be offered by non-profit organizations and mission-based lenders.

These loans are typically available to new businesses, startups, and those in disadvantaged areas.


  • Low cost.

  • You may also be offered consulting or training services.


  • Smaller loan amounts.

  • It is possible that you will need to meet strict eligibility requirements.

Ideal for:

  • Start-ups and businesses in communities that are disadvantaged

  • Companies that require only a limited amount of funding

Microloans, which are small business loans, are often less than $50,000. Many microloans have low interest rates and repayment terms.

For business owners with limited credit histories or startup founders, microloans may be an option. This loan is often issued by nonprofits with a mission to lend to underserved communities, such as women and people of color.

The U.S. Small Business Administration may back microloans or issue loans to microfinance organizations with other lending models. Many microlenders are limited to certain states and regions.

Here are some lenders to consider if you’re looking for a microloan. Many of these lenders offer free or low-cost training to entrepreneurs and business coaching.

BuSiness microLoans

SBA Microlenders

Through a network private lenders, the U.S. Small Business Administration supports low-cost government small business loans. The SBA microloan programme provides loans up to $50,000 for small businesses. According to the Congressional Research Service, its average loan amount is $14,400 and has a 6.5% interest rate. This was January 2021.

These are the top SBA microloans lenders. The SBA’s website will help you locate a microlender in your area.


Size of microloan: $10,000 to $50,000

Rates of interest up to 9.125%

Available in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania

Pursuit promises to make a decision about SBA microloans in two business days. Funding will be available within five business days for qualifying businesses. You will need to have at least two years of experience, two or three employees, positive cash flow, or break-even cash flow, and more than $120,000 annually in revenue.

CDC Small Business Finance

Size of microloan: $20,000 – $50,000

Rates of interest: 8%-10%

Availability: Selected counties in California

CDC Small Business Finance provides microloans for new and early-stage companies. These loans are available for working capital, business acquisitions and equipment purchases. You don’t need collateral to get approved. CDC Small Business Finances does not make microloans outside of California.

Accompany Capital

Size of microloan: $500 to $50,000

Rates of interest: 3%

New York City.

Accompany Capital, formerly the Business Center for New Americans offers microloans to small-business owners of refugee and immigrant businesses in New York City. Although there is no minimum credit score required, you will need to have positive cash flow and the necessary licenses. Accompany Capital offers credit-building loans up to $2,000 as well as training to help you build your credit score.

Justine Petersen

Size of microloan: $500 to $50,000

Interest rates: 7.25%-11%

Available in Missouri, Kansas, and Southern and Central Illinois

Justine Petersen is a St. Louis-based company that offers SBA microloans up to $50,000 and unsecured loans up to $3,000, as well as SBA microloans up to $50,000. Justine Petersen has also microloan programs through the U.S. Department of Agriculture and a partner community financial institution.

Community First Fund

Size of microloan: up to $50,000

Rates of interest: 7% or higher

Accessibility: Eastern Pennsylvania, northern New Jersey and northern Delaware

Community First Fund, an SBA microlender, is located in Philadelphia. It provides capital to business owners, along with coaching and support. It also offers other forms of financing like the Affinity group lending program, which allows community members to come together for financial education and small credit-building loan.


BUSINESS microLoans

Other Nonprofit Microlenders

Many microfinance organisations offer loans for small amounts outside of the SBA microloan programs.

These microlenders have similar loan limits and interest rates to the SBA lenders. Kiva and Grameen draw from international microfinance experience in order to offer alternative lending models that are based on social networks, such as Grameen and Grameen.

Accion Opportunity Fund

Size of a microloan: $5,000 to $100,000.

Rates of interest: 5.99% or higher

Availability: Nationwide.

The Accion Opportunity fund is part of Accion global non-profit organization. It makes small-business loans for companies that have at least one year in operation and have annual sales of $50,000 or less. Accion will offer you several options with different terms and interest rates when you apply for microloans. You can then choose the one that best suits your needs. Accion offers mentoring and business coaching.


LiftFund’s 2020 average microloan was $23,427

Interest rates not listed

Alabama, Arkansas Florida Georgia Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi Missouri New Mexico New York Oklahoma South Carolina Tennessee Texas

The LiftFund, which is based in San Antonio, offers small-business loans to entrepreneurs from 14 states, mostly in the southeast. Borrowers have the option to attend group training sessions or receive one-on-1 consultations with business coaches.

Pacific Community Ventures

Size of a microloan: up to $250,000.

Interest rates: 4.25%-13%

Availability: California.

Pacific Community Ventures offers loans up to $250,000 for small businesses in California. The loan can be used for up to $250,000 if you have been in business for at least one year. There is no minimum credit score and most borrowers have at the very least one employee.

Kiva U.S.

Size of microloan: up to $15,000.

Rates of interest: 0%

Availability: Nationwide.

Kiva U.S. are a part Kiva, an international nonprofit that works in over 80 countries. Borrowers must first apply for prequalification and then invite their friends and family to lend to the venture. This establishes the borrower’s creditworthiness. Kiva then opens the loan to those who crowdfund the amount. The entire fundraising process takes around eight weeks. Borrowers have up to 36 month to repay their loans.

Grameen America

Average microloan size is $4,500

Rates of interest: 15%-18%

Availability: Available in 18 U.S. Cities

Grameen America uses a non-traditional lending system. Borrowers must create a group of four women they trust with whom to lend. The group then takes part in financial education together. Each member then opens a savings account, and each receives a microloan for their small business. Women meet weekly to repay the loan and continue their education.

BUSINESS microLoans

Other Borrowing Options

SBA microlenders offer other forms of financing such as the Affinity Lending Program from Community First Fund or credit-building loans from Accompany Capital.

If you don’t qualify for a microloan, you might be eligible for other types of business loans such as a term loan or a business line of credit. Compare funding time and interest rates to find the best fit for your company.

You might consider connecting with a lender within your local to find out your options for financing.


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