personal business loan

Personal business loans

Personal Business Loans

A personal business loan can be used for business purposes. This is a good option for startups as banks don’t typically lend to businesses without an operating history.

These loans are approved based on your personal credit score. However, you will need to have good credit in order to qualify.


  • Newer and startup businesses are eligible.

  • Quick funding


  • High borrowing costs

  • You can borrow as little as $50,000

  • Credit can be damaged if you fail to repay.

Ideal for:

  • Start-ups and newer companies that have strong personal credit.

  • Borrowers who are willing to take on credit risk.

If other options of financing are not available, a personal loan for your business could be an option. Find out where you can find personal loans and what the pros and cons are.

There are many hurdles that small-business owners must overcome, including finding financing for startup. A Unsecured Personal Loan is a good option if your company is not yet established enough to be eligible for traditional business loans.

personal BuSiness Loans

Can you Get a Personal Loan for Your Business?

A personal loan can be borrowed from a bank or credit union and used to fund any purpose, even a business.

Personal loans are usually unsecured. They don’t require collateral and can be paid back in fixed monthly payments, typically over one to seven year.

personal BUSINESS Loans

Pros and Cons of Using a Personal Loan to Start a Business

The pros of using a personal lender to start a company

Flexibility: Your lender does not have to restrict your use of a personal loan for business. You can use the money in any way you like, such as to buy equipment, stock up on office supplies or kick-start marketing efforts.

Low rates: Personal loans have lower annual percent rates depending on your credit score. This can save you money over the life of the loan. Fixed payments are also available to ensure that your loan is paid back within a specified time period. This will prevent compound interest or additional interest.

It’s easier to qualify: A personal loan is more likely to be approved for someone who is just starting a business. Lenders will look at the revenue of your business and your credit score when underwriting business loans. A first-time owner of a business will not have the same history as small-business lenders.

Your credit score and income are the main factors in determining whether you qualify for a personal loan. This means that you can add other income sources to your new venture, such as your 9-to-5 job or rental properties.

Fast funding: Most personal loans can be funded in one week. However, if you apply online with an lender you will likely receive funds the next day or even the same day. This is possible to get business loans faster. The process of applying for and receiving a traditional loan from the SBA can take anywhere from 30 days to several months.

There are cons to using a personal loan for a business start-up

You may not be eligible for a full tax deduction. Interest on personal loans is not usually tax-deductible. However, interest on business loans is. There is an exception when personal loans are used to pay business expenses. You must ensure that the loan does not go to another expense in order to get the full deduction.

Your personal credit and assets may be at risk. If you take out an unsecure personal loan without repaying it on time, your credit rating could suffer. It will be harder to get affordable financing in future. The lender may seize your asset if it is tied to a secured personal loans.

Personal loans are typically smaller in size than business loans. They can range from $1,000 to $50,000, depending on the lender. The loan amount might be sufficient for a small business, but you should look into loans that provide more financing if your company is more established or you plan to make large purchases.

You will pay less: Personal loans typically have repayment terms between one and seven years. If you require a longer repayment period, it is worth looking into other small business financing options. SBA loans have the longest repayment terms. They can be repaid over a period of 10-25 years.


personal BUSINESS Loans

Alternatives to Personal Loans for Business

Business credit: A business line of credit allows you to borrow up to a certain limit and then pay interest on the rest. This works just like a credit card. You can borrow up to a limit, and then pay interest only on the amount borrowed. It’s great for small-business owners who don’t know what their financial needs are.

A Business Credit Card is a revolving credit card that can be used for short-term expenses. It may be easier than small-business loans to get approved for. You can also get rewards like cash back and travel points with business credit cards. This card is a great way to keep your personal and professional finances separate.


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